Vineyard as garden

I started my activity with the Erbaluce di Caluso, a native white-skinned grape variety that I grow with the traditional method of the pergola Canavesana, which today covers the most part of the vineyard area.

Following my passion, in the course of the years I also planted the most representative Piedmont red-skinned grape varieties: Nebbiolo and Barbera, grown with the guyot method for quality reasons. Then I decided to plant also Merlot and Syrah, two international grape varieties that I discovered during my voyages in the world of wine.

The vineyards cover an area of about 10 hectares, located in different regions of Caluso hills: Barbetta, Crava, Montasso, St. Antonino, Baiarda and S. Cristoforo.

To protect the vineyard from diseases I use the integrated pest management by adopting products of mostly natural origin such as algae, essential oils, copper and sulphur. I do not use herbicides.

…The dream of a vineyard attended as a garden…

For me the mostly manual work in the vineyard is essential. Permanent cares, attentions, great passion and hard work give to my wines a unique flavour and a good balance.