A unique land

My territory is Caluso, a small town traditionally known for the production of Erbaluce. My vineyards grown on these hills.

We are in the North-West of Piedmont, more precisely in Canavese. It is an area placed at the foot of the Aosta Valley and northeast of Turin. Moreover, Caluso is 20 km far from Ivrea, a city included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

This area is characterised by the morainic amphitheatre of Ivrea, a hill of glacial origin, generated by the melting and the regression of the Monte Rosa glaciers.

 I grow my vineyards in a morainic terrain, defined as sandy loam. It contains many pebbles and mineral debris, with a small percentage of loam and clay, depending on the zone. The pH of 5.6 means that the soil is particularly acid.

The near mountains offer a beautiful natural spectacle and influence the climate, which results cooler and normally rich of rainfalls.

For all these reasons, the wine produced on morainic hills is unique and stands out for its good acidity, flavour and minerality.