The wines

Since I was a child, I tried to “steal” the work of winemaker by observing and helping the farmers of Caluso as they pressed the grapes to produce their wine… a pure emotion! 

I relive this emotion every year during the harvest, when I transform my grapes.

Today I put in each bottle all my work, my passion and all the things I learned in the course of the years, each time with more experience. In this way, I try to represent my unique terroir.

I endlessly try to improve the character of my wines by respecting the land.

A good wine is made only with good grapes… that is what I think.

This is why I work my grapes only by hand. Furthermore, to favour the correct and complete ripening of bunches in the months preceding the harvest we proceed with the “green harvesting”, an essential operation for the quality and the balance of the wines.